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Email  info@workexperiencesupportservices.co.uk
   Phone  01543 889552

Work Experience Support Services is a system that allows work experience to be easily organised and arranged.

When you log into our system, you will be able to access data from thousands of different companies that have been visited by our partners, complete with information on previous visits, so that you don't have to visit companies unnecessarily.

Schools can log in and submit their placements. Students can log into the system and search our database for companies near them, and manage their placements online.

Our team of developers work hard to ensure that the website will run as smoothly as possible for you, and if you have any enhancements that you think would improve how you work with the system, we will look into building it for you.

By using our system, you can help students maximise their potential by getting the right work experience to help them flourish.


We offer many beneficial features to help you run your business. Some examples are mobile optimisation, email templates and automatic audit trail.

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Why Us?

Using our system can help you improve the efficieny of your business, with much admin work being done on the click of a single button.

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Contact Us

If you want to use our system, or just have some quetions, we are keen to hear from you. We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

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